Thursday, June 14, 2012

why write under a pseudonym if everybody still knows who you are?

It’s common knowledge that women used male pen names when submitting their writing to publisher’s way back when to ensure that their work would be published. My question is: why do popular authors write under pseudonyms now?  I googled it, like any smart person would do, and the answer actually makes perfect sense. Authors write under pseudonyms when they are famous for writing a specific genre and want to dabble in another. They don’t want their first genre to follow them around, restricting them, putting them into a box. I can’t say that I blame them. I hate boxes.

Now the real confusion comes in to play. Amanda Quick is Jayne Ann Krentz’s paranormal writing alter ego. However, Jayne Ann Krentz wrote Copper Beach, which is a paranormal novel. My head hurts, moving on. Crystal Gardens is the latest installment of Amanda Quick’s Ladies of Lantern Street series. The manor (aka Crystal Gardens) is a very inventive setting which leads to a very creative storyline. Yes, our main character, Evangeline is running from a killer and Quick still managed to be rather original about it. Coming from a girl who would pick the paranormal genre last in gym class, I found this read to be super enjoyable; fast-paced and romantic.

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