Wednesday, June 13, 2012

that’s what they all say.

I write shorter reviews when I am trying my hardest to not give anything away. I am the queen of the spoilers. When planning a surprise birthday party, I am never the girl to tell. Keep that in mind.

In An Accidental Affair, famous screen writer James Thicke found out that his wife, Regina was cheating on him, on YouTube. So he did what any irrational husband would do. If you are familiar with author Eric Jerome Dickey, you can imagine that it got pretty violent, pretty quickly. I mean, picture milling around on YouTube looking for a laugh and instead of replaying the British “Charlieeee you bit meeee” or Antwain Dodgson’s “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” videos you find your naked wife strapped to another man. Not an ideal situation. Dickey’s complex characters and infamous dialogue continue to pull readers in. My only complaint is that it wasn’t a bit longer.

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