Sunday, April 22, 2012

love cinnamon rolls, not so fond of murder...

A mystery novel filled with recipes? A MYSTERY NOVEL FILLED WITH RECIPES? As you may be able to tell, bestselling author Joanne Fluke has created a series of mystery novels filled with recipes and her latest installment of the Hannah Swensen Mysteries series, Cinnamon Roll Murder follows suit. Tasted it, loved it, but do think that the final installment should be next for the sake of the storyline. It has been a great series, and fifteen books is quite an accomplishment, let's not be selfish.

I am happy to report that this story is in sync with the rest of the series. It has quite the opening number as Hannah swerves out of the way to avoid a nasty winter accident on the highway. Her co-pilot and younger sister, Michelle notices an overturned bus in the median and they both rush to help. On the bus we meet the band, The Cinnamon Roll Six, and find their bus driver dead in his seat. As Hannah solves the mystery, we get acquainted with all of our favorite characters. And fans of the series will enjoy their fifteenth consecutive sugar high.

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