Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sometimes words fail, but albert goldbarth's don't.

I am the biggest poetry nerd, ever. Those of you who are obsessed with song lyrics are also poetry nerds, I am happy to be the person to make you aware of that. There is something so incredibly impacting about a person's feelings written in stanza, where words are more carefully chosen.  And that is exactly what a poetry nerd would say.

Albert Goldbarth's newest collection of poetry (he has twenty-something others), Everyday People is filled with poems of simple truths. What I love about this collection so much is that number one, the poems are not painfully long, and two, anyone can relate to them. Everyday People is a collection of beautifully crafted poems from everyday life. There is humor, love, loss, and a sense of camaraderie among the author and his readers.

“I brought a book of many words
to an emptiness in my heart,
and I shook them out in there, to fill it."

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