Tuesday, February 21, 2012

cakes and the ladies who make them.

Quick vocabulary lesson on southern slang from your favorite English teacher...
  • all y'all - you all
  • pocketbook - purse
  • sho' nuff - sure enough
  • cake ladies: women who take on the responsibility of baking cakes for their towns’ special occasions, like birthdays, church potlucks, bake sales, funerals and weddings.
I love the south, love it enough to pack up my tiny car and move there after I graduated from my undergrad. I love the warm weather, the beach, the food and especially the southern hospitality. I have since moved back north to complete graduate school, but I always head down for a trip at least once a year. I just love the people. They are these sweet (unless you really piss them off), loud and crazy people who are loyal to their families and their traditions. Southern traditions still reign in so many areas (minus the whole slave owning thing, they've done away with that one). Cake ladies are a southern tradition that is still very common today (see vocabulary lesson for reference). Author and cake lady Jodi Rhoden compiled fifteen profiles of modern day cake ladies in the book Cake Ladies: Celebrating a Southern Tradition, along with their delicious recipes. How many times can I use the word "cake" in a sentence?

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