Tuesday, February 7, 2012

buffalo? never heard of it.

To live in Western New York, especially the Buffalo area, it takes a special type of person. We are born and raised Buffalo Bills fans, which can make anyone feel sorry for us. The Sabres are touch and go, so you can imagine how unpredictable our emotions get come hockey season. We hold onto the New York Yankees because we (thankfully) do not have a baseball team of our own, and (even more thankfully) the Yankees are amazing. Yes, being from Buffalo isn't exactly something I brag about, but thanks to Renee Levine Packer, I may have to start.

The Life of Sounds: Evenings for New Music in Buffalo. It's still hard for me to believe this book got published. After reading it, I believe Packer was the real reason for it. Our most well-known college, University at Buffalo (UB) has apparently been keeping their musical talents and interesting history a secret all these years...

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