Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ello cutest recipe book ever.

I know that some of you out there collect cookbooks. You keep the ones that hold your favorite and most frequently used recipes stashed away because they are covered in flour and other food particles. And then you have the showy ones. The pretty cookbooks that may also hold your favorite recipes, but you are extra careful with them because they are just too lovely to ruin. Tea with Bea is exactly that kind of cookbook.

Author and baker Bea Vo opened Bea's of Bloomsbury, in London in 2008. Being based out of London just makes this tea and crumpets talk all the more appealing. I am going to London in March and plan on checking out her shop which puts on afternoon tea. I think she read my diary with her offer of a Champagne Afternoon Tea. Champagne Afternoon Tea in London? Don't mind if I do. Heavy on the champagne, light on the tea, please.

Tea with Bea is filled with very simple recipes, you might not think that by looking at the beautifully photographed cover, but don't be scared. Bea's cakes and pastries ARE traditional. She is American after all. This cookbook is not just for looks, it is filled with sweets that you (can) and will actually make.

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