Monday, September 20, 2010

light on the vampire, heavy on the thrill.

The world's most popular vampires have been taking a little "breather" from the media circuit as of late, so now is the perfect time to test the waters with a new vampire hero. Christopher Farnsworth gives us a different take on the undead in Blood Oath.

The story is based around Nathaniel Cade, a vampire pardoned for vampirism by President Andrew Johnson, yes folks what we have here are vampires AND nationalism. As part of his pardon (or blood oath) Cade is supposed to loyally serve each president of the United States. The presidents have come and gone, and our vampire Cade remains the same, of course. It's nice to see a vampire surrounded by humans, rather than the alternative, which we know so well from the Twilight saga.

Cade is the President's tool against enemies not of this world. Cade may be our hero, but you have to remember that there is more supernatural in the world than just him. Right now, that enemy is the current incarnation of a man known to most of the world as Dr. Frankenstein. He is working for terrorists in the Middle East (kind of wish to be done with terrorists, in the Middle East but it works for such a political book). Cade and his team (you will meet the other characters very vividly) work together to take on this monstrosity.

If you think you are sick of vampire novels, think again. This is absolutely not a vampire novel. It is a policitical thriller, with all the twists, turns and mystery that you love.

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