Monday, September 20, 2010

extremely useful and effective.

Bartering is not something I have perfected. My experience is limited, but I can honestly tell you that I am terrible at it. While in Paris, I was in a market place where artists were selling their work. I was told by an American tourist that it's easy to barter down 10 to 15 euros, so I gave it a try. I made my rounds and decided on two different paintings that I liked, I was basically going to take the one that was the best price. As I am going between this woman and man trying to get them to barter down to my asking price, I clearly started to offend them. The man literally walked away from me! I mean, last time I checked I am supposed to ask a price, he says no, tell him I am going over to the woman who will meet my price, wait for a response, then walk away. No, he walked away, (extremely mad) from me.

So I went back over to the lady, and whined until she gave me what I wanted. Typical American.

The Art of Barter by Karen Hoffman and Shera Dalin, is a book to teach you how to trade for almost anything. That might be where I went wrong, I didn't have anything more than money to trade? Kidding, I am well aware of where I went wrong in that particular barter. Regardless, I am pretty sure I am never allowed back to Paris.

Hoffman and Dalin designed this book for those of you who are short on cash, for personal reasons - like an upcoming wedding, professional reasons - like you are starting your own business. They even offer tips on how to use your skills to help your favorite charity or non-profit. I like where these ladies heads are at. They are teaching us to use our skills and trade them for the skills of others.

In a sense, it is kind of like what I am doing here, this book was sent to me for free, and in a trade I write this book review. Get it? Pretty cool, right? The book is a necessity because of all the tips, you should probably take notes as you go. Once you have finished, go out there and use your skills to get what you need, no money allowed.

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