Monday, July 12, 2010

short stories! yay!

I have mentioned time and time again, my love for collections of short stories. What's not to love? Tracy Winn links ten amazing short stories in her debut collection Mrs. Somebody Somebody.

The ten stories are all set in Lowell, Massachusetts from 1947 to present. Characters have their respectable story lines, yet someone Winn manages to link them in a way that flows rather than confuses. The title goes along with our first set of characters, friends Stella and Lucy who are living in Lowell in 1947. Stella is pretty hardcore on her quest to find a husband. There's the story of a young doctor's son named Franklin who lives a life you would not expect. Winn goes deeper into the life of this boys family in another story as well. Some characters connect more than others, and you see the comedy and tragedy in this small town as if you are a fly on the wall.

In this collection, you will love the first story just as much as the last. Winn did such an amazing job throughout.

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