Tuesday, July 13, 2010

god, david beckham is sexy.

When I think soccer, I think David Beckham. Yum. Whoever designed the cover of Soccer and Philosophy, edited by Ted Richards is an absolute genius. David Beckham's flawless profile on the cover? Yes, please! Those of you who are unaffected by this beautiful man, (and are clearly blind) may love soccer for other reasons. Soccer and Philosophy: Beautiful Thoughts on the Beautiful Game is unlike any soccer book you have experienced.

Many of you sports lovers do consider sports to be philosophical. I never fully understood that mindset because I have a problem taking anything seriously, especially sports. I can get as wrapped up in a sporting event as the next person, but at the end of the day, I don't really care. As an outsider sitting on the sidelines, I can feel the emotion of the players and the coaches at the time, but it doesn't stay with me long after my exit.

After reading this book (many different authors contributed), I began to understand the real meaning behind not only the game of soccer, but any sport. You can relate the passages to your favorite sport by changing the referee into and umpire, or whatever suits you. Being a fan is something everyone can relate too, and feeling passionate about something is universal. It's a lovely read, and you will feel about 18% smarter after you finish.

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