Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this one hits home.

Corey, Jeff and Susan each have different stories, they tell these stories as they live their lives and slowly their lives intertwine.

Corey is an eleven year old boy who has been legally acquitted of setting a fire that destroyed his home and killed his older brother. Susan, 62 years old, and happily married to her husband Christopher who is ten years older than her and has rapidly progressing Alzheimer's disease. Jeff Herdman, 40 years old is unhappily married to Leanne, who is twenty years his junior and leaves him for a younger man.

One morning, Susan goes for a short walk and when she returns, Christopher is gone, lost. She searches for him unsuccessfully so calls in the search and rescue team. Jeff is the liaison between the Susan and the searchers. Corey is the one who finds Christopher, and is coincidentally one of the missing people the search and rescue team is searching for.

Lost is the perfect title for this novel by Alice Lichtenstein. You will be touched, you will cry, and you will undoubtedly see beauty through the pain.

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