Thursday, May 6, 2010

the forgotten father.

Out of all of our country's founding fathers, James Monroe is the one I know the LEAST about. This book was more interesting to me because of that. The author of The Last Founding Father, Harlow Unger obviously thought that James Monroe is grossly overlooked in this country, because he took it upon himself to write such an fascinating book revolving around this presidents life.

I just want to give a little overview of the book, though it includes much more information about James Monroe and his family than this simple excerpt: As a young man Monroe joined the revolutionary cause and fought bravely for this country, surviving a life threatening wound. Following in Washington's footsteps he didn't accept payment for his service. This would set the stage for a lifetime of financial sacrifice in his country's service. His political career included serving as a foreign diplomat, senator, and as a governor that forever changed the role of Governor of Virginia, and finally President of the United States.

I believe that Unger really wants readers to take away from this book the idea that just because a man is quiet does not make him any less bold than a man who is loud. Monroe was just as important as any other founding father, and this biography will let you explore the reasons why.

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