Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a vivid novel that touches on A LOT of issues.

In Black Rock, Tobago, half-breed Celia D'Abadie's mom died giving birth to her while her absentee Caucasian father deserted her to return to his home in Southampton, England. Her maternal Aunt Tassi raises her lovingly. Everything is great until Tassi marries Roman. He is abusive and ever leering and stalking Celia. When she is sixteen, her uncle rapes her. 

I never really understood why people want to read books having to do with personal tragedies such as murder, rape, etc. But look at me, I read about that stuff ALL the time. Am I a freak? Are we all freaks? Do we feel comfort in the fact that it's a fictional story, even though stuff like it happens every day?? I have no idea, I only know one thing, this novel, "Lime Tree Can't Bear Orange" by Amanda Smyth is amazing, and you should read it, freak or no freak. 

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