Tuesday, July 14, 2009

moving on...

Moving is not something I have a lot of experience with. I moved once, for 6 months down to Myrtle Beach into an apartment that had everything in it but MY clothes and books, so it was pretty easy. Other than that I have lived in my childhood home (and bedroom) for 23 years. "On Moving" by Professor Louise DeSalvo, gave me a new outlook on the process and how it truly affects a person emotionally. 

Professor DeSalvo understands how we are both shaped and altered by place. She saves most of her personal experience until the last chapter, but by then, we are highly receptive to her insights because she has elucidated the place experiences of Virginia Woolf, Henry Miller, D.H Lawrence, Mark Doty, Elizabeth Bishop and others in a way that recognizes the impact of place on the human spirit.

This book will help you understand your conflicting feelings on moving, even if it is to the house of your dreams. 

To win a copy of this book, please send your name, address and book title to jenileerose@yahoo.com!

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