Monday, July 27, 2009


"A Moveable Feast" is most appropriate for young adults, like myself. It was as if Earnest Hemingway designed these stories for us. Look past the family drama in the editing and introduction of this book. We don't care who did what to who, we just want to read what Hemingway always intended. His words are something that cannot be tweaked, they are right in this book, in his handwriting.

We have all had a relationship with Hemingway in some way, especially us twenty-somethings that have taken any college level english class. He is everywhere. Now take a step back for a second, and stop looking at this man as just a famous writer, look at him as a TEACHER. Learn from him, and there's a chance that you may become, not only a great writer, but a famous writer as well! (Preferably one who does not commit suicide, thanks!)

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