Monday, July 27, 2009

baby makinggggg.

I don't know why I thought of this when I saw the title of this next book I am going to review, but there is a quote from the show "30 Rock" that makes me laugh whenever I hear it and this "Making Babies" book made me think of it just now...

Let me explain, there are two women characters in the show Jenna and Liz, and they are both freaks, but anyways, there is an episode where Liz is totally baby crazy, and Jenna (who is known for saying ridiculous things) says: "Look at us and our biological clocks, you are baby crazy and I keep getting turned on by car accidents," hahahahha. Frankly, I am Jenna, but for those of you like Liz, grab a copy of "Making Babies" by Sami S. David, MD,, and Jill Blakeway, LAc (it comes out in August).

Basically it's a book on how to get pregnant. It talks about the five fertility types, so you can determine which type you are. Hormonal issues, in other words why the hell can't you get preggers? What to eat (don't eat swordfish, FYI). De-stressing tips so that you can make a baby before you freak out on your husband and his stupid sperm. It will be fine, just read up, eat right, follow this 3-month program and think about Charlotte from "Sex and the City." Yes, she's a fictional character, but shit like that happens ALL the time. Just look for the Caucasian mom and dad with two Asian kids and one Caucasian baby, they are out there, I've seen them.

Those of you who want to make a baby, follow these rules, and I will go out and buy swordfish in bulk.

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