Monday, March 30, 2009

we're easy, spread the word.

Easy as in, easy reads. What's not to like? Something light, not too deep. That is exactly what the novel, "Secrets to Happiness" by Sarah Dunn offers to readers. 

Our main character, Holly compatriots consist of lifelong friends of great meaning anad accidental acquaintances whose dating exploits domino effect each others storylines. While Dunn succeeds in presenting some truly empathic observations about city living and 21st century relationships. 

Dunn makes you smile while turning the pages as she tells a typical New York story and succeeds to a degree although what she offers seems a tad too fashioned like Sex and the City. Nonetheless she has some spirited insights that are a joy to read and contemplate. Sex and the City is over, so lets wipe our tears and start anew. Give it a shot ladies.

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