Monday, March 30, 2009

science fiction.

Normally I am not hugely into the science fiction situation. But ever since the Twilight Saga came out, and I fell in love with a vampire, I have been branching out a little in that aspect of the reading world. "Starclimber" is the sequel to Kenneth Oppel's "Airborn" and "Skybreaker" books, and I have to admit it was a fantastic science fiction book for young adults.

Having explored the far reachers of the skies, Matt Cruse is about to fly beyond them. Into the unknown expanse of space. Yeah, space, whatever no big deal. Oppel's airship trilogy takes a distinctly sci-fi turn in the final volume, "Starclimber." It is focused on the wondrous expanses outside Earth's, and the dangers that go with its first pioneers. Matt's romantic woes take over a bit too much of the story, but Oppel does a truly brilliant job mingling sci-fi, adventure and a sense of lyrical wonder. 

The book is packed with nail-biting adventures that are bound to keep readers' interest. It was a fabulous story, and I would suggest it to any young person who likes to read about worlds, not too unlike their own, and other young people who are accomplishing what seems like the impossible. Oh baby.

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