Thursday, November 12, 2015

what's next?

Bittersweet Dreams by V. C. Andrews is the very first novel I have read by this author (both alive and dead) that had absolutely nothing to do with the Dollanganger Series. Which made me sad because I have LOVED every installment (prequels, sequels, modern day interpretations). Although it was not the same, I don't fully understand the bad reviews about the latest novel. It was far from perfect, but I still flew through the pages, wondering where the author was planning to take me. And I would absolutely read a sequel.

Narrator and main character, Mayfair Cummings was born gifted. She has always been brighter than her peers, even her teachers, and could never find a place to fit. Currently a junior in high school, she was just allowed back into classes, rather than spending the entire day doing independent study, because her father was afraid she was missing out on certain social aspects of growing up. Which was true. Mayfair's mother passed away unexpectedly years before, and when her father remarried three years ago, it did nothing to make them a family again. When Mayfair decided to ask Julie (her stepmother) for a makeover, things start to change at school. Mayfair begins to get attention from the most popular boy at school, and the most handsome teacher. Until, she doesn't anymore.

I understand how many readers may have disliked Mayfair at first. She was very matter-of-fact about her brilliance and her beauty. It was a little annoying sometimes. But she grew on me. And her situations throughout the novel made her seem a little more human. I do hope that the author writes another installment, giving Mayfair someone more her own speed to fall in love with.

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