Monday, November 23, 2015

oddly compelling.

In Katherine Carlyle by Rupert Thomas, the main character, Katherine (who also narrates) is a 19-year-old vagabond. She lost her mother at a young age, and this story is about the profound affect that losing a mother and being an IVF embryo can have on a person. Since people today are often going to extreme measures to have children, Thomas brings readers a very unique yet modern storyline.

Having no father figure, and no mother to tell her not to, Kit takes off without telling anyone. Instead of going to college she wanders around Rome, then Berlin, and just keeps wandering. Secretly hoping her father is searching for her. Katherine Carlyle is a beautifully written novel about a girl with some serious daddy issues. She isn't the most likable character I have ever met, but as a girl who also needed some time at the age of 19 to deal with her emotions and find herself, I'm glad her story was told.

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