Monday, August 10, 2015

for the every woman.

You may not be able to always tell this from her novels, but Lisa Scottoline is pretty hilarious. You can see for yourself in her latest collection of funny anecdotes that she writes with her daughter titled, Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat? Which any woman who breathes can relate to.

It's summer. And yes, the beach makes me look hella fat. But Lisa and Francesca want me and every other woman out there to have a worry-free time even if our bodies aren't summer ready, because, honestly mine has been like, once. Their stories are soooo so funny, and multigenerational. Francesca being single in her early twenties living in NYC and her mom being, well, a mom. There is a touch of serious here and there, but these ladies definitely aren't trying to kill the mood, so mostly they keep it light, except when it comes to their spaghetti sandwiches.

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