Wednesday, July 29, 2015

you can't sit with us.

I love the concept of Adi Alsaid's latest teen read, Never Always Sometimes which is about two best friends who are NOT trying to be like those cliché high school kids, but then realize that maybe by trying so hard to be different they are limiting themselves from having the full high school experience.

When they were freshman, Dave and Julia created a list of rules that one should never do to be different in high school, including #10 - never date your best friend which is a huge bummer because Dave has been in love with Julie since day one. Honestly, some of their rules make sense, especially the one about never hooking up with a teacher, but not joining in on the high school hooray - or skinny dipping (which is rule #6) is just silly. During the last few months of their senior year, the two of them start to question the rules they made so long ago, and try to save their high school experience before they literally miss out on everything, including love.

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