Wednesday, July 1, 2015

welcome to switzerland.

I haven't spent a huge amount of time in Switzerland, not like many of the other places I've written about on this blog and paired with the appropriate travel guide, but as a woman of the world (or half of it), I know a good reference when I see one. Lonely Planet has not let me down yet, and their Switzerland Travel Guide is no different. Packed with every sight to see (and there are A LOT in Switzerland as it's super beautiful), Lonely Planet shares how find those picture perfect spots. They also give you a month to month play by play on the happenings, what's new, what's delicious. But Switzerland isn't all landscapes and yodeling, there are some cute cities to see as well. Hey, Switzerland can be hip.

My advice? If you're in Lucerne which you probably will be, eat as much chocolate as you can and then go up Mt. Pilatus. Just don't try to sled down it like my brother did. Fricken Americans.

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