Monday, July 13, 2015

harmony in your home.

Because I am in the midst of teaching summer school. One week down, five to go! I appreciated Lynne Kenney and Wendy Young's Bloom: 50 Things to Say, Think, and Do with Anxious, Angry, and Over-the-Top Kids, because although this book is designed for parents of overly anxious and angry early childhood aged kids, and my "kids" are in 9th and 10th grade, they are WAY over the top, and it can't be too late to help them. Amen?

Moving on. I know about things getting heated with a kid in class, and I'm sure parents who live with anxious/angry children can relate far better than I can. A major idea behind Bloom is to stop yelling and start soothing. And those of you who have to deal with behavioral challenges every day will get a lot out of the 50 strategies and references to help you "calm the chaos" and understand your child's behavior so that life can improve for everyone involved.

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