Wednesday, June 3, 2015

from the mouths of tweens.

Newly formed cousins, Lana and Cassie are forced to get to know each other in pretty close quarters as they road trip from California to Maine with their just as newly wedded grandparents in this very cute middle school novel titled Drive Me Crazy by Terra Elan McVoy. Middle school is one of the most difficult ages to get kids into reading for fun, and Lana and Cassie's differences help a lot. These girls are extremely relatable and alternate narrating each chapter from start to finish.

Unlike Lana, who is pretty excited about this adventure and getting to know her cousin who she has only met one other time (at the wedding), Cassie struggles to remain positive as she's missing out on a lot at home social wise. Trying to stay in the queen bee Kendra's good graces is pretty impossible when you're on a road trip with your grandma and her new husband. Although Lana is trying to have fun, she has her own set of issues as she has a sick feeling her parents are keeping the seriousness of her mother's recent illness from her.

My favorite parts of the story are when the girls can forget their worries for a short while and enjoy themselves at tourist attractions along the way. There is lots of humor and heart in Drive Me Crazy, and I know your moody girl will get something out of it.

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