Thursday, May 28, 2015

you should already be mildly smart to use this.

Data science is everywhere. You are constantly getting data collected about you without even realizing it by using social media, dating websites, online shopping, etc. Data Science from Scratch: First Principals with Python by Joe Grus is a book dedicated to teaching YOU how to become a data scientist, for free. Well, for the cost of this book.

Grus begins this book with a scenario. You have been hired to lead the data science efforts for a company. It's your first day, what do you do first? Grus gives you step-by-step instructions with codes and everything. Which leads you to the rest of the book. Codes upon codes upon codes. So you can figure out for yourself how to use and understand Python for data collecting. None of this makes any sense to me, of course, why would it? I don't use words like algorithm. But if you do. This book is for you.

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