Thursday, April 30, 2015

i hate everyone, and pants.

As someone who has had their share of trouble thinking of the glass as half full, and really doesn't like anyone, I kind of got Kim Korson and her autobiography titled I Don't Have a Happy Place which is filled with extremely honest short essays beginning with her child self hating the little girl next door for her Barbie collection. I totally get that. And hating everyone else at Disney World. I get that, too. Included are Kim's pivotal life moments from childhood to adulthood along with the constant struggle to find her happy place. It's definitely not a woe is Kim kind of book, it may appear that way by the title and how Kim portrays herself as being an all around negative human being. But really, she's super funny and just trying to live. And living is fricken hard.

In other news, can someone please buy me this shirt?

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