Monday, April 13, 2015

coaching you off the edge.

I truly believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. But that doesn't really make anyone feel better when they are having a discouraging day, or life. Laurie Wallin's Get Your Joy Back: Banishing Resentment and Reclaiming Confidence in Your Special Needs Family is a book written for the parents/caregivers of special needs kids as Laurie herself is one of those parents. A mom of four, two with special needs, she has been there. At the end of her rope, her joy gone, in relationships with people who just don't get it, and never will. The topics discussed vary from how to forgive yourself and your child to forgiving God, and everyone in between. How to let go of resentment and find your joy in life again. Although I don't have children yet, I got a lot out of Laurie's chapter on how to get passed the hurt when the people you think should be there for you don't step up. And how to lower your expectations so that you can keep yourself from being hurt in the future. This book is also great for those of you who are a friend or relative of a parent who has a child with special needs. Everyone needs a little compassion, and you'll find it here.

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