Thursday, March 5, 2015

debut mystery novel.

Elisabeth Elo is taking the literary world by storm with her debut mystery novel titled North of Boston. Pirio Kasparov and her friend, Ned were working on a small lobster boat when a large freighter smashes into them, leaving her stranded in the frigid waters for four hours, and Ned's body never found. The CEO at Inessa Mark perfume company, her family business, is certain that this "accident" was not an accident at all and is determined to find out exactly why it happened, if only for the sake of Ned's (alcoholic) wife and ten-year-old son. Once Pirio teams up with a curious journalist, more is uncovered to prove that she is right in her assumption. But why? Why Ned? Just moody and suspenseful enough to keep you on your toes, North of Boston is definitely worth the read.

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