Tuesday, February 3, 2015

new release + giveaway!

There are many different rules when it comes to dating. One Cosmo article or scenario in a Sex and the City episode can work for one person, and not another. No man is the same, no lady is the same, so you try out many different strategies to figure out what works, what doesn't, what scares them away, etc. until you find the one. The idea of experimenting following different dating guides is what Melissa Pimentel's novel Love by the Book is all about. Twenty-eight-year-old Lauren Cunningham has moved from Maine to London to live the single girl's dream. She has decided to follow different dating guides found in a charming bookstore in South Kensington and follow the rules with different men. These books have completely different (and some dated) strategies on getting a man. One wants her to refrain from having sex with the man she's dating. One wants her to see scores of suitors, not giving her heart to just one as she will lose her draw. Once a month a new dating guide, for one year, and cheeky little Lauren writes all about her experiences, like a journal. The men are silly, her British roommate is hilarious. Even as a married lady I enjoyed this read, reminds me of my youth. However, I am sure it was written with love for all the single ladies - it's British and sexy and perfect.

Love by the Book comes out today and you have a chance to win a FREE copy. Not only will the winner receive Love by the Book, but included in the package are these adorable wine charms! Yay for free stuff.
All you have to do is email your name and this book title to: jenileerose@yahoo.com to enter!
Contest ends 2/8 at midnight!