Wednesday, January 7, 2015

for the hobbit buff.

Since The Hobbit trilogy has officially come to an end (the third installment is out in theatres now), fans are more excited than ever for Ian Brodie's The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Location Guide: Hobbiton, the Lonely Mountain and Beyond which shares beautiful photographs of the movie-set locations in New Zealand. If you can't visit these historic sights yourself (hello, bucket list), this book is the next best thing. And showcasing gorgeous landscapes is not all that this guide does, Brodie also shares background information and behind the scenes stories about the filming of the movies that no one else has told, as well as quotes from the cast and crew. No, it doesn't end there. Also included are maps, directions to the special sights AND accommodations and restaurants that are near by. It's no wonder Brodie is an award winner of lots of things.

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