Thursday, January 29, 2015

a globe-trotting family of six.

First just let me say that Melissa Dalton-Bradford is my spirit animal. She and her husband raised their family of four children in Hong Kong, Vienna, Oslo, Paris, Munich, Singapore, and Switzerland, AND after twenty years she finally decided to sit down and write about it in her fantastic memoir titled Global Mom: Eight Countries, Sixteen Addresses, Five Languages, One Family.

It all began when she was living in NYC with her husband and two small children. Bradford was working as a theatre actress. In the middle of a show she gets a call from her husband saying that they need to make a decision to move to Norway for a great work opportunity for him, pretty much immediately. A month later, she said her goodbyes and away they were. Bradford is such a wonderful storyteller, and I loved reading about how her family acclimated to Norway, the language barriers, the drastic climate change, everything. Navigating medical systems, especially when Bradford gave birth to two more children was also a favorite part for me. I loved the funny anecdotes, and how real this author is. I especially enjoyed reading once she got to a city I have visited before. Like Munich and Paris. This memoir is great for moms, a family considering moving abroad, or someone who has always wanted to.

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