Thursday, October 2, 2014

well this is new.

Scott Westerfeld's novel Afterworlds includes a writing style that I have never seen before. Part one of the book introduces readers to eighteen-year-old Darcy Patel who moves to New York City after getting a contract to publish her novel, coincidentally titled, Afterworlds. We follow Darcy on her move to the big apple with no place to live, no real plans other than getting her novel publishing and being fabulous. It begins to get interesting when Westerfeld takes us into Darcy's novel introducing readers to her protagonist, Lizzie who survives a vicious terrorist attack, and finds herself stuck in a world between our world and death, giving her the ability to see ghosts and solve a murder mystery. Westerfeld takes us back and forth, alternating between the two stories, Darcy editing her novel and Lizzie living it. Darcy meeting a boy, Lizzie meeting a boy. I do think that Darcy had the more interesting storyline, but that's just a personal preference to real-life fiction over unrealistic fiction. All in all, I was super impressed with Westerfeld and his style.

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