Monday, October 20, 2014

some voodoo to better you.

It's difficult for me to explain the idea of sound therapy even after reading Eileen Day McKusick's Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy because the whole idea of bettering a person by sound is new to me, and a little wild because I have never had it done. So I'm going to leave the educational portion of this review to McKusick herself as she explains the complete practice of Sound Balancing, with pictures and everything right in her (very first) book.

This is right up my hubby's wheelhouse as he's a chiropractor and does all this voodoo with pressure points, massage, and energy yadda yadda. But basically what I got out of this book is that certain sounds disturb us. They disturb our healing, give us anxiety, and negatively affect our well being. Now this is an idea I can get behind. It makes sense, the balance of sound frequencies in different people and all that. No one's the same. McKusick has found a way to remove the "pain and trauma stored in the biofield" with the use of tuning forks. Yeah it sounds a little wacky but she's got the research to back it up and a private practice set up in Vermont where she's making the big bucks. If this is the type of therapy you may be interested, or you're a chiropractor or massage therapist, I absolutely recommend this resource.

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