Thursday, August 28, 2014

in honor of belated national dog day.

I am not NOT a dog person, I am just more of a cat person because they can wash themselves and the bathroom cleanup is easier. I can totally appreciate a book filled with true stories about man's best friend though, which is why I am pleased to review Man's Best Hero: True Stories of Great American Dogs by dog-lover and author Ace Collins.

Get ready for a feel-good-tear-fest folks because this collection tells 13 true stories of heroic actions by everyday dogs, and you WILL blubber like a baby, dog lover or not. A major crowd pleaser is the story of the guide dog leading his owner to safety on September 11th. I'm crying right now just writing that line. Ugh. Many of these stories include dogs that have saved lives, but Collins also included stories about dogs who have improved lives, which is kind of the same thing.

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