Wednesday, July 16, 2014

society it is a changing.

The Next America by Paul Taylor is a quantitatively based book on demography and sociology in America today vs. the past. It applies a generational lens to explore the many ways America is changing. Taylor pays particularly close attention to our two outsize generations, the Baby Boomers (fifty and sixty-something's) and the Millennials (twenty-something's) by examining how the generations relate to one another not only as citizens, voters, and interest groups, but as parents, children, and caregivers. (I may have stolen some wording from the preface, but it was just so good).

We are living in a world where people are living longer, having less children, and developing entirely new family structures than in the past. What does this mean for future generations and our economy? With the help of Pew Research Center's archive of public opinion surveys, Taylor covers that, too. Don't be turned off by the statistics, numbers and graphs, I'd still consider this informational read kick ass.

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