Tuesday, June 24, 2014

for those of you who are a little lost.

I wish I was one of those eat to live people, but I'm more along the lines of the person who is thinking about lunch while eating breakfast. I love food. Which is why Eat What You Love Everyday by Marlene Koch is right up my alley. This is the third cookbook in Koch's collection with 200 NEW tasty recipes that just so happen to be low in sugar, fat and calories (because you know you're limiting at least one of those things in your diet).

Let's be honest, we hate counting anything, especially calories. I know I do. But counting calories is the only way I lose that excess weight that creeps up after too many late night quesadillas. Having a book filled with super easy recipes using food I enjoy eating normally is pretty much the best thing ever. Koch includes dishes like soups, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and desserts. And who wouldn't want some extra crispy oven baked fries added to their meal? She also gives tips on meal planning, prep, what to freeze, and what to staples to keep on hand so that you can easily fix these yummy meals. She does not include anything crazy fancy, this cookbook is more designed to aide those of you who are trying to cut back on certain things, like sugar for example, and need some ideas to get started, or you'd starve.

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