Monday, March 3, 2014

fearless and funny.

Funny girl and writer for Chelsea Lately, Heather McDonald has come out with a sort of memoir about her inappropriate life and questionable morals. Something I am still planning on doing eventually, when the time is right, and motivation strikes, and we get a new president.

My Inappropriate Life is McDonald's second book and I'd say it trumps her first. She is Chelsea Handler funny, but she's married with children, so her stories are a bit more hilarious to you mommy's out there. However, I still found myself LOLing pretty often. I especially love McDonald's vent sesh on an obnoxious mom from her social circle who drives everyone crazy with her views on parenting the most brilliant child known to man. And when she brings her kids to a raunchy Vegas pool party. McDonald is a fabulous storyteller who's not afraid to air her own dirty laundry when it comes to being a working mom in the real world.

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