Monday, February 3, 2014

a philly area mystery.

Accused by Lisa Scottoline is part of the series featuring Rosato and Associates, an all-women law firm in Philadelphia. Mary DiNunzio has just been promoted to partner at the firm, cause for celebration in the office conference room. As the party is winding down, a potential client appears. Thirteen-year-old Allegra Garder, who is from an extremely prestigious family, wants to hire a law firm to investigate the real circumstances that surrounded the murder of her beloved, older sister Fiona. Although the murder happened six years ago, and appeared to be an open and shut case, Allegra's thirteenth birthday has given her some control of a trust fund, so she finally has the means to hire Rosato and Associates, but her parents fear she is obsessed by her sister's death and do everything they can to hinder the investigation.

On a sidebar, Mary’s hunky boyfriend Anthony has proposed, and with her promotion, and this crazy case that she can’t seem to turn down, has her feeling a bit overwhelmed. She’s got 99 problems and her man is definitely one. Accused is definitely a standalone novel for you newbies, and those who already love this series will not be disappointed.

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