Friday, June 20, 2014

ciao bella!

I adore Italy. It was by far my favorite country to visit during my European excursions. I was able to see Venice in the winter, and Rome and Florence in the summer. I loved the culture, the food, the sights, and being able to bring a bottle of Chianti with me everywhere I went. I would love to travel back to revisit Rome and see to Naples, Tuscany, and spend some time on the coast with Manfriend, so Rick Steves’ Italy 2014 was exactly the book I wanted to be dropped on my doorstep. And so the planning begins…after the wedding.

Italy’s best travel months are May, June, September and October. I traveled to the country in January and August because I am nothing if not a bargain shopper. Of course, Venice in January was cold and Italy in August was super-hot, but I wasn’t bothered. It was much less busy than going in those peak months. Steves’ guide is filled with the information you’d expect, he breaks up all different aspects of the country into different sections, giving travel tips along the way. What I like is that he is super specific, especially when it comes to the best way to travel to each hot spot and what to expect when you get there, also where to sleep and where to eat. ALWAYS go where the locals go. He includes what to see and how to plan your time, for example how long should you stay in Venice? I only fit in one full day, but Steves’ says give it two, and I agree. I was smart and did my first time out of country traveling with a college tour group. Honestly though, if you organize yourself before you go, Rick Steves’ is just as helpful, and he can fit in your purse.


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