Wednesday, October 30, 2013

well that was intense.

David Vann’s Goat Mountain opens with a sacred ritual between a son, his father, grandfather and close family friend on their 640-acre family ranch in Northern California during the fall of 1978. This is the eleven-year-olds first time experiencing the annual hunt, and chance at killing his first buck. It is supposed to be this great rite of passage, but no one could have predicted the tragedy that followed. The boy’s father notices a poacher, and let’s his son have a look through the scope of his gun, who unexpectedly pulls the trigger, leaving the three men with a choice. To report or not to report – their choice only leads to more tragic events.

It’s not exactly a “feel good” read, but Vann’s writing style and descriptions of characters will make you want to highlight as you go, as to not forget such powerful words of expression.

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