Wednesday, October 23, 2013

tugs on your heartstrings.

In Weekends with Daisy by Sharon Kahn Luttrell, Daisy is a beautiful yellow lab puppy who is being trained to be a service dog by an unlikely pair. Sharron, a journalist joined the “puppy raiser program” to get over the loss of her own dog and Keith, a prison inmate whose job is to train service dogs. Basically, Keith’s role is to train Daisy during the week, and Sharon takes her home on the weekends to get her used to being out in the world. This is more than a story about an adorably cute puppy. It’s a story about two very different people who must work together for a common goal. And it’s about understanding people, where they come from, and letting judgments go. It’s a great story, and loving dogs is not a prerequisite. 

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