Friday, February 8, 2013

too good to be plant based cookbook.

Chef Lindsay S. Nixon has added a third cookbook to her Happy Herbivore series. Happy Herbivore Abroad is yet another collection of cheap and easy to make vegan recipes that every meatless lady and gent should have on hand as a resource in their own kitchen as well as when they are on the go.

Nixon has travelled to many of the same places I have. In HHA, she shares photographs and recipes from Germany, Cuba, France, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, India, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, Africa, Austria, the USA (of course), among others. As a fan of anything European inspired, it was a really cute way of setting up the collection of recipes.  The recipes are not gourmet by any means. They are stress-free and good for your bod. Win, win. My favorite so far is the goulash.

I’m a big fan of Nixon, and have reviewed her other Happy Herbivore collections. She has a great message, encourages people to make healthy choices, and shares how you don't have to spend a lot of money to make delicious, healthy food.
P.S. I still love bacon.

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