Wednesday, February 13, 2013

cheesy heaven in your mouth.

I go through a lot of healthy eating cookbooks to review on here because I'd like to consider myself a relatively healthy kind of a gal. Healthy in the sense that I run three miles BEFORE I go to the Chinese buffet. I believe in a balanced lifestyle, where there's sweat, and mashed patatoes, and cocktails. Bringing me to my next review: Mac & Cheese, Please! by Laura Werlin.

Mac & Cheese, Please!: 50 Super Cheesy Recipes

I do feel the need to eat healthy during the week, but on the weekends I like to indulge a little here and there. I'm really not a mac & cheese kind of girl honestly, so it's a little weird to hear me gush over a collection of 50 mac & cheese recipes. They are just sooooo good, and they take like 10 stes or less. My favorite recipes (so far) include, the fried mac & cheese squares, I mean, what's not to love about squared pieces of heaven. You bake them, not deep fry, so I'm thinking they are almost healthy. You're all going to platz over the chicken, pesto, and provolone mac & cheese. Werlin gives you a recipe to make your pesto, but also encourages you lazy people to go out and buy it. SO many flavors, every recipe is like a party in your mouth. Speaking of parties, if you want to be the most popular person there, I recommend bringing a big 'ol pan of mac & cheese. You can thank me later.

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