Monday, January 21, 2013


I am a daydreamer. The inside of my head is a jungle of jibberish, mixed with thoughts of Disney World, my future with manfriend, my classroom, vacations, memories, really weird shit, and the list goes on. As a certifiable daydreamer, I fell in love with Barbara Sophia Tammes' A Blueprint for your Castle in the Clouds, which is all about making the inside of your head your favorite place to be.

I have to admit, it starts off a little hokey, talking about staying in a pre-made Castle in the Clouds while you're building your own. But Tammes impresses me with her later metaphors, including your inner secretary, which is the bitch who files all of your feelings in the wrong places, causing you to feel confused or depressed, or just freak out on everyone. It's not easy for me to explain here, it's really something you should read for yourself. Your Castle in the Clouds should also have an inner courtyard - a place where you feel totally safe to think what you need to think about with no judgement from yourself. It should have an art studio, where your creativity can thrive. A garden of wishes planted with the things you really desire. These are just a few of the 25 rooms in your Castle in the Clouds. It's basically about being comfortable with yourself and filling your head with positive thoughts and feelings - while also figuring out what is holding you back from a happy life.

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