Monday, October 8, 2012

a pleasant birthday novel.

Today is my 27th birthday. Moving towards my late twenties is a litttttttle bit painful, but it did include a party. A really fun party full of booze and foliage. I love being born in the fall and I love my friends, and their tendency to go over the top when doing anything.

Since it is my birthday, and a good novel is definitely in my top five favorite things, I decided to review Karen White's latest novel, Sea Change. The story begins with thirty-five year old midwife named Ava Whalen. Ava has lived most of her life sheltered in her small town when she unexpectedly elopes with a child psychologist, Matthew Frazier, and moves with him to his ancestral home on St. Simons Island. Whirlwind romances may seem Disney movie romantic, but there are always missing pieces. When you marry that quickly, you cannot possibly know all of your partners secrets, and as Ava and Matthew eagerly begin their new life together, the secrets begin pouring out.

Sea Change also includes a parallel historical fiction aspect about the couple who previously lived in this extremely old house - taking this story to another time and place. Adding to the mystery that White builds throughout the novel. It's really interesting.


Richard Hicks said...

Happy birthday! Just discovered your blog today! Love it!

love books, will travel. said...

Thank you very much :)