Saturday, September 29, 2012

great, now i'm turned on. again.

It's really too bad that wedding season is coming to an end, but Christmas will be here before you know it and I know the perfect Secret Santa or Hanukkah Harry gift, Fifty Shades of Pleasure: A Bedside Companion by Marisa Bennett. Seriously. Not only is this the perfect naughty guide for your nightstand, it is also filled with slightly pornographic quotes that if said in my ear, I can't promise a lady like response. Yowza. Honestly, it's not much different from the others out there. Bondage, binding, etc. it's the writing and the format that sets it apart. Bennett shares the description of the move, and then ways to make it happen - including what NOT to do. Thanks girl.

On to the next one...

My immediate reaction after opening Fifty Shades of Ecstasy was....WHOA! And I mean WHOA.  And then I preceded to gorge myself on pizza rolls because there was nothing to be done with the WHOA at said time. I'm a stress eater. Marisa Bennett means business here people. In this little self-help piece of loveliness, she describes in detail (and pictures) fifty sex positions that aim to please. I highly recommend this pleasure packed collection, only like ten of the positions look terrifying. And you probably won't be able to look at an exercise ball at the gym the same again.

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