Thursday, September 6, 2012

bobby dolla holla.

Bobby Dollar is an angel. Yes, his name is Bobby Dollar AND he is a real life angel. Do angels get to choose their own street names? Anyways. In the latest urban fantasy novel by the ever popular Tad Williams, Bobby Dollar is an advocate for all of the lost souls caught between Heaven and Hell. Try not to let the idea of purgatory discourage you, it's really quite the ride.

The Dirty Streets of Heaven is different from Williams' usual. Bobby Dollar as the sarcastically funny first person narrator really makes the story. He's pretty busy fighting off demons from stealing all of the lost souls and putting them up in a queen sized suite in Hell, but he still has time to be funny. The action is constant, the characters are great, what more are you looking for? So, yeah. I'll consider you all sold on this one, folks.

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