Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tap, move, shake your booty, and your iphone.

I joined the iPhone world as part of my graduation present from my parents back in December when the iPhone 4S was still pretty new. I felt pretty bitchin' about the whole thing, and extremely excited to finally have cool apps on my phone. Manfriend found an app that tells you where the cleanest public bathrooms are located closest to you, that's his golden ticket. My favorite is the cat app, which has improved my day to day life immensely.

I haven't really stopped to think about an app idea of my own, but I'm sure many of you have. Enter Tom Moore's latest: Tap, Move, Shake: Turning Your Game Ideas Into iPhone & iPad Apps. If you are a wannabe game developer, this is the tech book for you. Moore walks you through the basics of production, developing and even the process of marketing your app, covering Xcode animation, graphics and sound effects. Most importantly, it's readable. So even if you're just curious about the gaming app scene, Tap, Move, Shake is worth a look. Who knows, maybe everyone will think it's the coolest game since Duck Hunter and you'll make zillions.

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